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This is why Mindy Kaling is our hero. Watch the full interview here.

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Rwanda, 20 Years Later

Twenty years ago this week, the Rwandan genocide began. It’s estimated 800,000 to a million people were killed over 100 days. Most were Tutsi but tens of thousands were moderate Hutu and others caught in the slaughter.

The country today is commemorating by holding a week of mourning alongside a longer 100-day vigil.

The #Rwanda20yrs hashtag on Twitter is an at times sobering, enlightening and inspiring access point to news, resources and personal accounts of the period.

Here’s some of what we’ve been reading through:

Image: Via National Geographic, “A man tries to unlock a cell door at a hospital in Kigali, Rwanda in 1994. As the genocide spread across the country, doctors and staff of the main psychological hospital in Kigali fled or were killed leaving the patients to care for themselves.” Photo by David Guttenfelder. Revisiting the Rwandan Genocide: Origin Stories From The Associated Press. Select to embiggen.

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There is no one way to be genderqueer. 

Style your hair how you want, choose your own name, wear what makes you comfortable, demand your pronouns be used, wear makeup or don’t, shave or don’t. It’s up to you. 

If it’s not safe for you to be yourself yet, this post is for you too. You are beautiful and your identity is valid and you deserve the chance to be yourself too. 

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"The perfect Tweet length was right around 100 characters.”The Proven Ideal Length Of Every Tweet, Facebook Post, And Headline Online

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"If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it."

— Zora Neale Hurston (via classifiedclover)

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